About the Inventor

On-site demos for skid-steers and a 30hp diesel commercial lawn tractor with a 47" snow blower; both with the Snowalker system built into them.

Grant Hanson grow up on a farm in central Minnesota during the 50′s and 60′s. He believes there was a “creativity gift” that had been given to him. Many ideas were brought to fullness in working models; some were even worthy of the patenting process but not pursued.

This past decade, some special ideas came to fullness, one giving him both top awards at the Minnesota Inventors Congress in Redwood Falls, MN. Another is a trip-release system for mounted equipment such as a hydraulic front end loader or a snow blower. This technology we call Safeloader, also an award winner at the MIC, has evolved into a finished product we call Snowalker. It is Grant’s first attempt at a patent.

Call for your demonstration: 320. 760.1485
*We don’t need snow to demonstrate this technology.
Remember, we’re not selling snow blowers. We’re selling the release technology, Snowalker.